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We strive to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you.



Alex Grande, Owner

Phone: 972 254-9134


Our store was founded in 1990. We had an opportunity to stablish a business dedicated to the Hispanic Community with products from different latin American countries and services taylored specifically for them.

In 2015 we celebrated our 25th Aniversary!!!


Thank you to all our customers

Gracias a nuestros clientes por su preferencia!

Maribel Grande, Owner

Where to Find Us:

Tienda Variedades
1770 West Irving Blvd.
Suite #11
Irving, TX 75061

Phone: 972 254-9134

Fax: 972-259-3080



What's New

  • We now offer Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs


  • Professional translations - Spanish-English-Spanish


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